Sunday, January 30, 2011

bit of inspiration

Life is tough, thats given
When you stand up, you are gonna be shot back down
When you are down, you are gonna be stepped on
Its no secret you will fall down, you will stumble,
you will get pushed, you will land square on your face

But every time that happens, you get back on your feet
You get up just as fast as you can
No matter how many times you need to do it
Remember this success has bee defined as
'getting up one more time than you have been knocked down'

Nothing is free and living aint easy
Life is hard, real hard, incredibly hard
You fail more often than you win
Nobody is handing you anything
Its upto you to puff up your chest
strecth your neck and overcome all the difficult
the nasty, the mean, the unfair

You want more than what you have now, PROVE IT
you wanna be the best there is get out there and EARN IT
once you decide that you will know where it is that you wanna be
and you wont stop pushing forward until you get there
thats how winners are made

at the end of the day, success is what we all want
we all want to win and the race will be won
there is no doubt about that,
so come on.. get on top, run faster, dream bigger
live better than you ever have before
this is in you, you can do this

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Excerpts from the sporting truth

90 mins of your Sunday can't get better. Harsha Bhogle and his talk on 12 myths beyond the CAT score which was titled the 'sporting truth'.

Few of the amazing pieces from his conversation during the talk which couldn't stop me applauding the grace of this marvelous commentator

Basically if someone talks about Sachin how can you stop loving it.. so the best of my picks are quotes on Sachin

choice #1, About Sachins Sydney innings and why he chose not to play cover drive which got him out through out the series
"..never try to understand genius"

choice #2,
"..there is no Indian festival without Tendulkar"

choice #3,
"..there is a Tendulkar in all of us, all we have to do, we have to find those singles when things are not happening the right way"

choice #4,
" the age of 16 in Pakistan, Tendulkar had to be taught how to respect bowlers"

Some of the catchy ones after this...

About Indian Young Players
".. most of them are filled with ego and arrogance that you don't need a bowler to get them out"

"..indians went to srilanka with 1.25 bowlers.. half in harbhajan, one-third in ishanth and about .1 in mithun"

About Kumble and his commitment
his physio thought he was joking when he wanted to play with a broken joke, when he realized he actually wanted his request.."please don't appeal"
Harshas quote on it "..telling Kumble not to appeal is as impossible as asking sreesanth not to open his mouth"

About what you are good and what you are not
"..if you cant play test cricket, talk about it" (on his life)

Something we had in common (about interview at IIM)
like him i was never nervous about the interview (he felt he would never make it, i had the feeling i had better choices in my life).. "Never think about failures"

and the best one.. when he was asked how did he manage to incorporate these advices in his life and how it attributed to hi success he smiled and answered
'i didn't...'

Monday, May 24, 2010

A reminder to forget

Only once have i flown out of the Mangalore airport. The choice of airport was basically because of the lower airfare to Ahmedabad compared to my other option of flying from Kozhikode. Then late 2008, I was living at Kannur and it was just an hour extra to drive.

I found the airport small and very comfortable. I had never walked along the airstrip all the way to the craft before. Even Kozhikode airport was far far bigger. Strangely after boarding the 'Air India' flight i found the airport wall was very close to the runway. Even though i have no clue whether the wall played any part in the accident that occurred two days back, i had this feeling, what would happen if there occurs a small error during take-off or landing on this strip. There were again two strips and i am not sure on which one the accident happened.

A news link

This story sort of confirms my thoughts are actually pointless and the length was fine enough.

Still... This accident news which took away 158 lives, was the first thing i heard on my first morning in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris. Since i didn't know the exact reason the news haunted me whole day even in the enchanting city.

For most including me, this will be just another news that will be flushed out of the memory soon.
For those who were flying to meet the dear and near, for those who were working in the middle east to make their children would smile, for those who had dreams, for those who have lost their beloved..

May the 158 souls rest in peace.